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DGIN5FVSCHFixed a crash which occurred when replicating a multi-valued field to a delimited text field, and when there was a cr/lf only in an...
DGIN699Q7EFixed a problem where updates to the last document were not saved on Notes to Notes Replication. The problem was that when the last document was...
FHEN5TNM36Negative numbers are now handled correctly by the connector. Prior to this fix, a problem occurred in OLEDB connector when a negative number was...
DGIN6CGNVALEI replication views are now flagged so they will not be removed during design refresh.
JDEP69LRK2On Solaris, the backlog on socket listen calls is limited to 32 (and 21 is recommended). This was causing our IPC to fail. Lowered backlog to 21...
CYAO6D8PC9Data may not be transferred although an error message does not display when a customer executes an Archive activity.
CYAO6EFSBFUpdated the leiismp.nam file for iSeries.
DGIN6DVLRZPrior to this fix, null datetime fields could not be mapped in Notes to the default in DB2/400 with RealTime activities. This problem occurred on...
JIZO6E8MFTFixed a problem where in a replication activity, documents containing a multivalue Notes field with a "space" as it's value are replicated every time...
DGIN5STRJWSeveral problems with DST time changes have been fixed.
JIZO6E9L9HIn a Virtual Fields activity that maps a SQL database to a Notes database, selecting the "Use Multivalue data fields" can cause a "field count...
SMOS6APPMDLEI data management activities, when used together with the Order metaconnector, can run out of memory and display an "unable to allocate memory"...
JJOH6D6SLDRunning a Direct Transfer activity that has a source "Text" connection and a target "Notes" connection was problematic. This has been corrected in...
KKOO5XS8U9If multiple run times are scheduled for several days all times scheduled will run except on the last scheduled day. On the last scheduled day, only...
THAN6BNHVTOn i5/OS, ODBC branded drivers do not work. This has been corrected in 6.5.5.
SSHE6C2N7MIn a replication activity, if the data value in a Notes connection source is blank (on Windows system), the data value in a DB2 connection target is...
TDEY6CJQSRSeveral launch problems with the migration tool have been fixed.
SSHE6ASQ6GThe limit for columnlist field entries has been increased from 30 characters to 128 in a DB2 connection document.
KWEL68DQPUFixed the build number displayed during a sh status.
SSHE6ENM7CChanged which fieldlist is being checked during field validation, so that no false overflow message is returned if the field order is different in...
SMOS67RQZ6LEI often fails to start after a Domino crash. Code has been added to handle errors that occur after a crash.
SMOS6DCMTNLEI uses Notes memory. The Notes memory manager can run out of memory quickly, causing memory errors like this one. Use of the INI parameter...
SMOS6CHPXEA limit to the number of activity threads that can be running simultaneously caused a functional limitation on how many virtual activities can be...
GMUD5NZP3RThis problem could cause LEI Virtual Document activities to crash during Domino view or search based activities. The LEI code took over the Domino...
SMOS6ABLETPrior to this fix, LEI replication was not replicating TIME only fields (ie no DATE).


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